Healthy Lifestyle Campaign with Cosmonian Bike to Work

Healthy Lifestyle Campaign with Cosmonian Bike to Work

Yogyakarta, August 7th, 2017 –  The pollution level that kept on rising in big cities especially Yogyakarta with the fast growing numbers of vehicle, pushed its citizens to have campaigns in reducing the use of vehicle on the road. Special region of Yogyakarta’s government has planned Segosegawe (Sepeda Kanggo Sekolah lan Nyambut Gawe), which means biking to school and work for its citizens.


GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta with Cosmonians (what we call our staff with) has begun to campaign with this healthy lifestyle too. The campaign that was initiated by Cosmonians is called Cosmonian Bike to Work, which is going to work using a bike. GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta’s management gives full support for the campaign by subsidizing the purchase of bikes for Cosmonians that are interested by paying for 50% of the bike’s cost for 2 different bikes. They are Mountain Bikes and Fold-able Bikes. These bikes belong to Cosmonians that they will use to go to work every day, while they are at work those bikes will be parked at the drop-off area, and they can be used by hotel guests that want to bike around Yogyakarta without being charged (free). Hotel guests will only have to contact our Front Desk Agent if they want to use those bikes.


On Sunday, August 6th, 2017 Cosmonians were biking around Yogyakarta city in the spirit of keeping the healthy lifestyle campaign alive. The activity itself was called Bike For Good with Cosmonians and few hotel guests started at 06.00 am from GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta and visited some of the city’s landmark, such as Tugu Jogja, Keraton Kesultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, and Taman Sari. The activity also functioned to engage Yogyakarta’s citizens in starting healthy lifestyle by biking to reduce air pollution caused by motor vehicle while exercising to keep your body healthy.


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