‘From Zero to Hero’ – The 1st Anniversary Celebration of GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta

‘From Zero to Hero’ – The 1st Anniversary Celebration of GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, 21st July 2017 – With the rapidly growing world of hospitality these days, it certainly brings a positive impact especially in Yogyakarta. Other than to create jobs for the people in the community, it also provides more choices for travellers to choose where they are going to stay and rest during their holidays accordingly with their budget and lifestyle that they prefer.

On Thursday, 20th July 2017, GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta held ‘From Zero to Hero’ 1st anniversary celebration as well as halal-bihalal event. The particular event was attended by all levels of management, directors, headquarters, GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta’s staff (Cosmonians), and some media. The event that was held inside ‘The Theater’, one of the unique meeting room in the hotel that’s shaped just like a cinema, is using ‘From Zero to Hero’ theme. This theme is GAIA Cosmo Yogyakarta’s journey since its soft opening last year on 25th June, 2016 to become one of the newest hotels in Yogyakarta with unique and different design concept that continues to grow both in revenue and occupancy.

The event was filled with various activities and games, while presenting a one-year travel journey through pictures that brings back memories for all Cosmonians. As a series of the anniversary commemorations, GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta held a vlog (video blog) creating competition for all Cosmonians to participate in. It resulted in many unique and creative videos depicting their daily activities in each of their respective departments along with ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes to GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta. The Engineering department won the competition and their whole members got free picnic of a weekend away at one of the biggest water rides in Yogyakarta.

In this event, GAIA Cosmo Hotel also launched their latest program ‘Cosmonians Bike to Work’ where hotel management will give Cosmonians bikes they can use when leaving for work from home. Those bikes can be used by hotel guests for free while their owners are working. This has become an additional distinctive value for the hotel especially in providing additional facilities for guests as well as helping to preserve a healthier lifestyle for Cosmonians.

For more information about the latest activities and programs at GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta, please call 62 274 530 7777 or email rsvp_jog@gaiacosmohotelsandresorts.com.

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