Welcome to Jogja, a cultural, cosmopolitan
and vibrant city with endless experiences and possibilities.

Yogyakarta or Jogja, as it is more popularly known, is one of the most notable cultural and artistic hubs in Indonesia. The city is an emerging economic force and a well-established epicenter for poetry, dance, painting and the pursuit of the arts. Many of South East Asia’s tourist cities are a dizzying mix of streamlined urbanization and charming remnants of a rich cultural past. But Jogja is different in that modernization is still at bay and the ways of the past are favoured. From the hotel Jogja and the surrounding countryside awaits you, below are some travel tips and recommendations for getting around and making the most out of your stay.




While Yogyakarta is known as a ciy of history and culture, Yogyakarta food is known for its sweetness. Indonesian food is one of the hottest and spiciest in Asia, if not the entire world. Indonesians eat raw cayenne pepper for snack, and so it is quite a relief for Western tourists to discover that Yogyakarta cuisine is more on the sweet side than the spicy. Eating and drinking in Yogyakarta is a blast because this historic city in Southeast Asia offers all sorts of dishes in an array of food joints.




One of the pleasures of travel, in addition to sightseeing and a bite to eat, must be shopping for souvenirs. These traditional markets are a paradise of handicrafts and batik in Yogyakarta. However, do not forget to bargain before buying.




Peruse the cultural and cosmopolitan diversity of Jogja town itself but also step outside to see the rolling countryside and volcanic scenery,  lush jungles  and tapestry of country life around Java, pristine beaches and breathtaking ocean vista's.




Famous for its Hindu and Buddhist temples and rich Javanese heritage Jogja is a mecca for seeing ancient temples and cultural and historic landmarks that bring flocks of tourists to this city every year.




One of the major tourist destinations in Indonesia, beautiful and vibrant Yogyakarta has lot to offer culture-hungry travellers. From breath-taking ancient Hindu temples to the sumptuous Sultan’s palace, from contemporary art galleries to serene fine art museums, the city, often endearingly called Jogja, has something for everyone. But it’s an Java’s art hub that the city stands out, so here are the best ten art galleries in Yogyakarta, perfect for art-lovers.




The laid back and welcoming community of Jogja inspires a rich and vibrant calendar of events and performances throughout the year from traditional puppet shows to electronic dance music festivals and custom motorbike shows, in Jogja there is something for everyone.