GAIA Art Movement - Artist Profile: Apri Susanto


The relationship between the potter and the clay is one that is intimate, immediate and interactive. Apri, a passionate pottery artist, describes clay as “an honest element” because “it soaks in even the slightest of our emotion with its mysterious energy.” Yet, while it is affected by the emotions of the potter, it also has its own “will”. “While they are very malleable, they can still “move” beyond our predictions,” in the words of Apri. Working with clay is also about knowing the characteristics of the soil, because although available everywhere, clay (soil) of every region is unique.


Apri has always loved clay, since he was little. A boy’s play dough has now become his vehicle of expression and creation. A graduate of the Faculty of Arts at Indonesia Art Institute (Institute Seni Indonesia - ISI), Apri deliberately locates his studio-cum-home near the world-renowned temple, Borobudur, for its positive vibe and energy that is useful for his artistry.

Apri’s clay creation for “GAIA Art Movement: Rooted in Art” program is composed of hundreds of ceramic pieces in a range of colours. To be installed by the swimming pool area of GAIA Cosmo Hotel Yogyakarta, he chose dark blue, light blue, orange, purple, grey, brown, and broken white to correspond and complement the surrounding environment.

Titled “Flow of Life”, Apri’s creation visualizes the ripples and waves of our dynamic life, just like how water is affected by wind and solid surfaces. At night time especially, it will be lit up for a different kind of visual experience, once again projecting life’s dynamic and organic nature.

Though often hard and tedious (almost 600 pieces for an installation!), Apri believes working with clay helps to build his character and develop virtues, like patience, working smart, self-improvement through introspection, responsibility, discipline, and being able to appreciate one another. For Apri’s CV, click here.